Welcome to the Intersection!

I want to welcome you to the At the Intersection blog, even as Edge International welcomes me to its ranks as Partner and General Counsel.  They say what goes around, comes around, and to my great pleasure, my career has come around to the perfect platform for a consultant helping legal departments and law firms navigate the startling changes in the face of the law.

Edge offers a powerful global client base and an unparalleled reputation for innovation and collaboration. The new legal landscape requires fresh solutions, and I am proud to have been named one of the ABA’s Legal Rebels – people known for driving change rather than being driven by it. I like the fact that Edge sees its business as putting ideas into action – in knowledge transfer, in training, in working alongside clients for the duration as they implement major strategic initiatives. Edge has the depth, breadth and bench strength to deliver consistently superior value, and as law moves toward valued-based performance measures, Edge will be practicing what it preaches, in the US and around the world.

We’re calling this blog At the Intersection because that’s where I operate: at the intersection between General Counsel and Managing Partners, between legal clients and the firms that serve them. I have operated at this intersection often in my own past career – as a general counsel, chief counsel of a large government agency, and as a large-firm litigator. This is territory I know well.

At the Intersection also refers to the chaotic interface between law’s past and its future. Today’s cost and market conditions are putting unprecedented pressure on all the players to adapt, to develop new billing and service delivery approaches, and to fundamentally rethink the lawyer-client relationship. My role is to help direct those pressures toward win-win solutions for all involved, and I cannot imagine a better setting to do this from than Edge International.

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